From your time as a student at SBSS to your latest degree and work experience, we are really happy to move ahead together with you. Please, ask other alumni who you know to join SBSS Alumni Network, now over 500 people.

We continue to engage with our alumni through events, both in Nepal and globally. If you would like to get updates, please share your contact information with us .

We continue to develop a database of Sangla Balkumari Secondary School Alumni to help us engage, connect, and reminisce, while also supporting the current and future Sangla Balkumari Secondary School students with our alumni’s knowledge, experience and skills. Sangla Balkumari Secondary School is a special place in a fascinating country, and whether we attended in 1970 or now, we have a shared experience that helps to unite us all.

We look forward to strengthening our ties with SBSS, near and far!

Who are our Alumni?
The SBSS alumni community comprises of former students and staff. If you belong to any of these categories, you are one of our alumni!

What does the SBSS Alumni Association offer?
As a member of the alumni association, you can get invitations to events and reunions, connect with your old friends and teachers and get involved with the community through a variety of experiences and sharing opportunities.

Have you signed up already?
All students, upon SEE/SLC graduation or withdrawal from the school, are automatically enrolled as our alumni. Make sure you are on our system by sending us your updated contact details. This is important so we can invite you to events. 

Benefits and Engagement

  • Want to give back to the community you grew in? Own a business and want to offer discounts to your classmates? Get in touch with us!
  • Want to get invited to events and get together with your schoolmates?

Fill up the Form Bleow : 

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