VIN conducting Teacher Development Training to community school teachers

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) conducted Teacher Development training conducted in Shree Kalidevi Higher Seondary School on 16th November, 2016 and it concluded today. The training was conducted for the primary level teachers of community schools of Kavresthali. Altogether 17 teachers from eight community schools participated in the training program. The teachers were trained on various issues like teaching techniques, reading and writing skill, teacher’s role and responsibilities, use of teaching materials, preparation for class and on how to increase the active participation of children in the classroom activities.
Eight schools- Kalidevi Secondary School, Kavresthali Secondary School, Gyanodaya Secondary School, Sangla Balkumari Secondary School, Phutung Secondary School, Kunchi Pwakkal Primary School, Gramsewa Higher Secondary School and Ramailo Pathsala School participated in the training program.
The community school teachers actively participated in the training. The training was provided by VIN’s volunteer Colin Smith.  The training is estimated to benefit 1500 students from the community. The teachers who took the training will now implement the learning of the training in their class.
Before conducting the training, pre-observation was done. The materials and issues to be included in the training were decided accordingly. After the training post- observation will also be conducted to make sure the teachers implemented what they learnt in the training.

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